Achieving both high quality and low cost medical devices and instruments is a major challenge for medical device manufacturers. To overcome this requires an agile business and cutting edge technology.



We have recently collaborated with Executive TV (Sky channel 185) on the latest episode in their series, Innovation In Healthcare: Medical Devices. This programme seeks to answer how the healthcare industry can continue to provide world class products in a challenging landscape for medical device manufacturers.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of medical devices today and how we can make them better.


“We have invested a significant amount into our manufacturing facility in the UK so that we can respond effectively to the budget pressures faced by the NHS. We actively invest in both cutting edge technology and equipment, as well as in the people who design, develop and manufacture all of our high quality surgical products”.

Robert Sharpe, CEO, Purple Surgical


Today the NHS is under huge pressure with reduced budgets, waiting lists and targets established.For innovation to thrive in the NHS going forwards, the focus has to be on delivering cost-savings and improving efficiencies.

Manufacturers are competing to produce innovative new medical devices and instrument that deliver high performance and better value for money. However, cost is not the only factor – quality can never be compromised when patients’ lives depend on the products.

The focus for the healthcare sector now is to improve patient outcomes, which is driving a wave of innovations across the industry, from medical device manufacturers to developers to regulators.