Planting Trees and Saving The Seas | Purple Surgical News

Purple Surgical, the medical device company with a conscience.

Environmental impacts should be high on the priority list of all medical device manufacturers given that single-use devices are routinely used because of the considerable benefits for the clinical user and patient as well as the elimination of toxins and energy used when reprocessing reusables.

In a world where climate change is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the world has recently heard from stake-holders at COP26 that decisive and urgent action is required by all of us.

At Purple Surgical our production facility utilises electricity generated from on-site solar panels and wind turbines.  We have significantly reduced the plastic content  of our packaging in favour of recyclable papers, and several years ago our introduction of laparoscopic procedure kits significantly reduced packaging waste.  In addition, we began an initiative to further reduce our carbon footprint by planting a tree for every kit we supplied with the International Tree Foundation.

In 2022 we have gone a step further by supporting charities to remove debris from the Oceans the size of 300 football pitches this year.