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“The Purple Surgical Laparoscopic Kits have allowed me to regain confidence in every theatre set up, especially when we have new or temporary staff working. Each kit contains exactly what we need, guaranteeing a smooth set up every time. All I have to do is unwrap the kit and we are ready to go”  

Emelita Estrella, Clinical Lead

At Purple Surgical, we combine innovation and precision with our comprehensive portfolio of Laparoscopic Procedure Kits and Trays. Our commitment to supporting healthcare professionals is reflected in our carefully designed, in-stock, and fully customisable solutions. They streamline clinical processes but also contribute to environmental sustainability.


Tailored Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency

At Purple Surgical, we understand the challenges faced by healthcare professionals in managing clinical variation, optimising efficiencies, and enhancing productivity. Our Laparoscopic Procedure Kits and Trays are the result of consultations with Surgeons, Theatre Managers, Heads of Procurement, and Operations Directors. This collaborative approach ensures that our products are finely tuned to address critical issues identified by those at the forefront of healthcare delivery.


Aligning with Recommendations

Our Laparoscopic Procedure Kits and Trays align with the product rationalisation recommendations highlighted in the 2016 UK Carter Report (1). By addressing the challenges outlined in the report, we contribute to the reduction of waste packaging, supporting both environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness in healthcare operations.

(1) Lord Carter (2016) Operational productivity and performance in English NHS acute hospitals: Unwarranted variations, Online: Department of Health.


Fully Customisable Solutions

Purple Surgical Laparoscopic Procedure Kits and Trays are not just off-the-shelf products; they are fully customisable to meet the unique specifications of each hospital or surgeon. To design your Procedure Kit, follow these three simple steps:


  • Identify Surgical Procedures: Determine the surgical procedures that would benefit from a Procedure Kit or Tray, and specify your preferred format
  • Select Products: Choose from our extensive portfolio of high-quality products, and add any additional sundries you wish to include in your customised kit.
  • Request a Quotation: Contact us to receive a detailed quotation based on your specific requirements and anticipated annual usage.



Open your customised Purple Surgical Procedure Tray in seconds


Laparoscopic Procedure Kits


Purple Surgical is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with the tools they need to deliver exceptional patient care. While promoting efficiency and environmental responsibility. Contact us today to explore how our Laparoscopic Procedure Kits and Trays can revolutionise your surgical practices.

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