Purple Surgical's commitment to planting trees in 2024 | Our News

The ITF have a unique vantage point, they are on the ground witnessing what happens when tree planting is done well. They work directly with local communities, listening to their needs and understanding the aspirations they have for the landscapes around them. As a result, they truly know what good looks like.

The ITF directly support projects that create an impact at different levels – where local people are reshaping their farms and reforesting the land around them, where wildlife is returning and the ecological restoration is reducing flood and drought risk for those further downstream. So here at COP, I see ITF’s role clearly. They want to influence others to see forest protection and reforestation in a holistic way.



ITF’s UK Community Tree Planting Programme supports grassroots community engagement in tree planting. The programme has supported more than 70 small-scale projects over the last 20 years, from community orchards to native woodland planting.