About Us | Purple Surgical

We aim to consistently deliver improved efficiencies and cost-savings in operating theatres across the UK and globally.

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We focus on supplying high quality, single-use, cost-effective laparoscopic instruments and devices to where they can make a positive difference to the lives of patients and healthcare professionals.

Combined with our extensive product portfolio of single-use laparoscopic and surgical stapling instruments and devices, we provide a high level of product expertise and industry knowledge to support our customers and remain responsive to the ever-changing environment of healthcare.

Our products are designed to help enhance surgical efficiency and effectiveness, and with over 100 years of history we continue to evolve to bring innovative, single-use instruments and devices to the market. 

Our passionate, dedicated team work with healthcare professionals and purchasing teams in over 450 NHS Trusts and other healthcare organisations across the UK, and 130 distribution partners globally to ensure that high quality, cost-effective, single-use instruments and devices are readily accessible in over 70 countries.

 And because we are a manufacturer, we can adapt to the healthcare market as it evolves to offer cost-effective solutions that are relevant and competitive.