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Ultimate Hasson Trocars

The Purple Surgical Ultimate Hasson Trocar Range is designed for surgeons who prefer the security of the open, cut down technique for the primary port.

Features and benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of abdominal viscera trauma
  • Reduced risk  of inadvertent internal organ damage
  • Low profile suture stay posts for effective device anchoring
  • Minimal possibility of inadvertent tissue and blood vessel damage
  • Ergonomic design facilitates simplified insertion through improved tactile feedback
  • Removable modular seal housing allows simple, quick specimen removal and rapid desufflation
  • Robust, flexible seal design ensures leak free operation throughout the procedure
  • Effective retention ridges ensure trocar stability during instrument exchange
  • Clear cannula for effective visualisation during instrument exchange and specimen removal
  • Duck bill secondary seal design facilitates simple specimen retrieval and laparoscopic suturing
  • Concave funnel ensures accurate instrument direction through the cannula, facilitating simple, quick one-handed instrument exchange
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ProductCodeDescriptionCannulaPack Qty
Ultimate Hasson TrocarPS3260ULT10mm x 100mm TrocarRibbed5 / Box
Ultimate Hasson TrocarPS3262ULT12mm x 100mm TrocarRibbed5 / Box
ProductCodeDescriptionCannulaPack Qty
Ultimate Hasson TrocarPS4260ULT10mm x 100mm TrocarSmooth5 / Box
Ultimate Hasson TrocarPS4262ULT12mm x 100mm TrocarSmooth5 / Box