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Swab Counting Bags

The Purple Surgical Swab Counting Bags allow for the safe, effective, convenient counting, handling and disposal of contaminated swabs.

Features and benefits include:

  • Safe, hygienic system minimises the risk of pathogen inhalation
  • Clear construction allows visualisation for rapid, accurate counting
  • Large or small swab counting options
  • Enables simple swab weight measurement for blood loss analysis
  • Courtesy opening tab minimises handler’s exposure to contaminants
  • Available with standard or extended width swab racks
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ProductCodeDescriptionPack Qty
Swab Counting BagsPS3050Swab Bags, Non Sterile250 / Box
Swab Counting BagsPS3055Swab Rack, Reusable1 / Each
Swab Counting BagsPS3056Swab Rack Extension Bar, Reusable1 / Each