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Specimen Cup

The Purple Surgical Specimen Cups safely and effectively separates tissue from fluid, thus facilitating a ‘closed’ system by eliminating the need to handle aspirated tissue.

Features and benefits include:

  • Provides tissue separation by means of an integral filter
  • May be used for up to 12 weeks gestation, providing a solution for the majority of uterine aspiration procedures
  • Allows a quick, effective visual contents check, due to the clear lid construction
  • Offers safe, leak free storage and transportation
  • Allows for convenient disposal by incineration and cremation
  • Allows for the simple and safe addition of formaldehyde
  • Ensures hygienic transportation due to the supply of re-sealable bag
  • Available in an opaque version for sensitive transportation
  • Available with optional box for sensitive transportation and disposal
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ProductCodeDescriptionPack Qty
Specimen CupsPS6000Medium Clear up to 12 Weeks10 / Box
Specimen CupsPS6666Medium Opaque up to 12 Weeks10 / Box
Specimen CupsPS6000BMedium Clear with Box10 / Box
Specimen CupsPS6666BMedium Opaque with Box10 / Box