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Skin Marker Pens

The Purple Surgical Skin Marker is a surgical pen designed specifically for clinical markings on the skin to promote correct site surgery.

Features and benefits include:

  • Sterile, single use convenience
  • It allows for the precise marking on skin prior to surgery.
  • Gentian violet ink is quick drying and does not run
  • Enclosed flexible ruler ensures accurate measurement, even over contoured surfaces
  • Large ink reservoir
  • Full range of surgical applications due to the availability of standard, fine and dual tip options
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ProductCodeDescriptionPack Qty
Skin Marker
Skin MarkerPS3150Skin Marker, Standard Tip25 / Box
Skin Marker, Standard Tip Plus LabelPS3150LSkin Marker, Standard Tip Plus Label25 / Box
Skin Marker, Fine TipPS3151Skin Marker, Fine Tip25 / Box
Skin Marker, Dual TipPS3158Skin Marker, Dual Tip25 / Box