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Secondary Trocars

The Purple Surgical Secondary Trocar range consists of single-use 5mm ports in a classic and proven design. These low profile trocars allow controlled entry to the abdomen under visual supervision with no tenting of the peritoneum. Atraumatic retention threads on the cannula ensure minimum protrusion into the cavity and maximum working space in the pelvis. All versions carry a closed Luer connector for insufflation filter and tubing set connection as required.

Features and benefits include:

  • Smooth obturator to cannula transition and honed stainless steel tips for precise, controlled entry
  • Retention threads ensure minimal cavity protrusion and smooth instrument exchange
  • One piece silicone seal guarantees minimal leaks with or without instruments
  • Available in standard or extended length, with conical or pyramidal tips
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ProductCode DescriptionPack Qty
Essentials Secondary Trocar PS33055mm x 70mm with Gas Tap10 / Box
Essentials Secondary Trocar PS33065mm x 100mm without Gas Tap10 / Box
Essentials Secondary Trocar PS33075mm x 100mm with Gas Tap10 / Box
Essentials Secondary Trocar PS3355 5mm x 70mm with Gas Tap + Extra cannula10 / Box
Essentials Secondary Trocar PS3356 5mm x 100mm with Gas Tap + Extra Cannula10 / Box
Essentials Secondary Trocar PS33575mm x 100mm with Gas Tap + Extra Cannulas, one with Gas Tap, one without Gas Tap10 / Box