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SafeTerm Canister

The Purple Surgical SafeTerm cannister completes our ‘Closed System’ by providing fluid collection with the option of integral tissue collection filter during uterine aspiration procedures.

Features and benefits include:

  • Simple, safe options for fluid collection alone (when used with Purple Surgical Specimen Cups) or tissue separation with the incorporation of an integral filter
  • Ideal for later stage terminations up to 16 weeks
  • Offer maximum flexibility due to the incorporation of 10mm male, 10mm female, 12mm female, Specimen Cup and standard suction tubing ports
  • Allow rapid, accurate fluid loss assessment due to the clear volume markings
  • Allow for convenient disposal by incineration and cremation
  • Conveniently attaches to existing vacuum pumps by means of the universal bracket
  • Minimised fluid spillage risk with the option of pre-loaded solidifying granules
  • The canisters have an overflow valve incorporated
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ProductCodeDescriptionPack Qty
SafeTerm Aspiration CanisterPS6901SafeTerm Aspiration Canister with Tissue Trap, 900cc10 / Box
SafeTerm Aspiration CanisterPS6902SafeTerm Aspiration Canister with Solidifying Granules, 900cc10 / Box
SafeTerm Aspiration CanisterPS6903SafeTerm Aspiration Canister with Tissue Trap and Solidifying Granules, 900cc10 / Box
SafeTerm Aspiration CanisterPS6180SafeTerm Aspiration Canister, 1800cc10 / Box
SafeTerm Aspiration CanisterPS6182SafeTerm Aspiration Canister with Solidifying Granules, 1800cc10 / Box
SafeTerm Aspiration CanisterPS61831800cc Safe Term Canister with Filter and Solidifying Granules10 / Box