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Essentials Optical Trocars

See things 360° clearer with enhanced optically guided trocar entry.

The Purple Surgical Essentials Optical Trocar range allows for the safe insertion under direct vision eliminating the need for blind entry access.

Features and benefits include:

  • 360° visualisation
  • Ergonomic design for surgeon comfort and control
  • Clear cannula with threaded retention ridges for trocar stability
  • Fin style dilating tip promotes low insertion forces
  • Robust, flexible and durable seal
  • White locking button designed to hold laparoscope in position
  • Designed to separate, rather than lacerate, tissue
  • Minimises port site injury and facilitates rapid healing
  • Reduced fascial defect compared to bladed trocars
  • Minimises requirement for port site suturing
  • Reduces risk of post-operative incisional hernia
  • Reduces risk of vascular injury
  • Reduces risk of bladder injury
  • Reduces risk of trocar site bleeding
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ProductCodeDescriptionCannulaCarton Qty
Essentials Optical TrocarsPS55255mm x 100mm TrocarThreaded1 x 20
Essentials Optical TrocarsPS552612mm x 100mm TrocarThreaded1 x 16
Essentials Optical TrocarsPS55275mm x 100mm CannulaThreaded1 x 20
Essential Optical TrocarsPS552010mm x 100mm TrocarThreaded1 x 16
Essentials Optical TrocarsPS552812mm x 100mm CannulaThreaded1 x 16
Essentials Optical TrocarsPS55355mm x 70mm TrocarThreaded1 x 20
Essential Optical TrocarsPS55375mm x 70mm CannulaThreaded1 x 20