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EcoTrocar Dilating Tip

The Purple Surgical EcoTrocar Dilating Tip trocar is reliable, highly cost effective and easy to insert with minimal force due to its fin designed dilating tip obturator.

Features and benefits include:

  • Low profile, ergonomic design for surgeon comfort and control
  • Effective ribbed retention ridges gives secure fixation and allows for simple insertion
  • Dilating tip fin design minimises port site injury and facilitates rapid healing
  • Bevelled cannula tip for minimised tissue trauma
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ProductCodeDescriptionCannulaPack Qty
EcoTrocar Dilating TipPS33255mm x 80mm TrocarThreaded10 / Box
EcoTrocar Dilating TipPS33265mm x 100mm TrocarThreaded10 / Box
EcoTrocar Dilating Tip KitPS33275mm x 80mm Trocar + Additional CannulaThreaded10 / Box
EcoTrocar Dilating Tip KitPS33285mm x 100mm Trocar + Additonal CannulaThreaded10 / Box