Clip Applier

The Ultimate 10mm Single Use Clip Applier

The Purple Surgical Ultimate Clip Applier has been designed to ensure maximum clip retention following ideal visualisation during approximation and smooth device action.

Why choose the Purple Surgical 10mm Clip Applier

+ Smooth, sequenced distal tip to clip apex closure, ensures tissue is guided to the apex of the U shaped clip

+ Audible two-step firing action prevents inadvertent/premature clip firing

+ Large jaw maximises clip aperture, tissue clearance and excellent visualisation before activation

+ Super-strength flexible titanium minimises unwanted clip breakages

+ Opposing axial and lateral clip grooves minimise tissue migration and maximise retention

+ Safety lock prevents empty jaw from inadvertently closing on tissue

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ProductCodeDescriptionPack Qty
Clip ApplierPS3585ULT10mm Single Use Clip Applier5 / Box