Purple Surgical Awarded Tender for Supply of Trocars in Oman

Previously dominated by 2 main laparoscopic instrument suppliers, Purple Surgical is now supplying the hospital market in Oman.

Through collaborative efforts with our regional distributor, we have now successfully accessed the Government hospital market in Oman.

Our focus is to always create a customer experience that experience that exceeds customer expectations. To ensure that we are providing the best possible laparoscopic instruments and devices. No matter the healthcare organisation type or size. Plus, at Purple Surgical, we provide expert knowledge and continual support.


Purple Surgical to Supply Government Hospital in Oman

Due to this approach, we have recently been awarded the tender for the supply of our Ultimate Tocars range to a Government Hospital in Oman. Therefore offering surgeons a third high-quality option for Tocars, alongside the two incumbent suppliers.


Reasons why Purple Surgical ensured success in the bid:

  • On-site product training. This ensures that our distributors are equipped with expert product knowledge and information. Meaning that when they speak with surgeons and key decision-makers, they are well-informed and can answer any questions.
  • On-site meetings. These meetings support the distributor in actively promoting the Ultimate Trocar range. Helping to raise the awareness of the Purple Surgical brand.
  • Product evaluations. At Purple Surgical we conduct thorough product evaluations with surgeons. This ensures that they are confident and comfortable in using the Ultimate Trocars.
  • Detailed information. We provide detailed information and specifications on the product, as well as information which was required for the tender. This includes technical specifications and competitor analysis.
  • Customer service. We always provide dedicated customer service to facilitate sample allocation and expedite product shipping.
  • Support from specialists. At Purple Surgical, we provide regulatory support from our team of specialists. This ensures compliance with tender regulations and requirements.


Expanding into Global Markets

We partner with global representatives as a way of growing our global markers. The Purple Surgical brand is paramount to ensuring success for both our representative and Purple Surgical itself.

We aim to create fans, not just customers.

Want to know more about how Purple Surgical can support you in your markets? Please get in touch via phone, email or contact form, and we will be happy to assist.