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Healthcare organisations and hospitals across Europe are increasingly under pressure to reduce operating costs without adversely affecting complication rates or procedure times.


In order to reduce procedural costs, healthcare professionals have 3 primary options:

  1. Reduce the length of the patients hospital stay
  2. Reduce the procedure time
  3. Reduce the cost of the surgical materials used


We believe a significant reduction in procedural costs can be made by implementing the third option and are committed to working with surgeons and procurement teams in order  to support cost saving initiatives without sacrificing product quality or service.

We recently collaborated with two renowned surgeons Dr P. Blanc and Dr S. Benchetrit, who operate in a leading French hospital, to demonstrate how a cost reduction without compromise can be achieved with Purple Surgical.

The surgeons developed a clinical study aiming to prove that Purple Surgical stapling devices are more cost-effective than using alternative devices and furthermore, that doing so will not  adversely affect procedure times or complication rates.

The device used was our Ultimate Endoscopic Linear Cutter Stapler. The study encompassed 502 Sleeve Gastrectomies and Gastric By-Pass procedures.

The study concluded that systematic use of the Purple Surgical Endoscopic Linear Cutter Stapler reduced operating costs without any adverse effects on complication rates or procedure times.

Read the full details: Clinical Study: Reducing Operating Costs Without Affecting Complication Rates