NHS Procurement team saves £40k | Creating Fans | Purple Surgical

Successful product evaluations of the PS laparoscopic and surgical stapling portfolios has resulted in significant cost-savings for an NHS Trust in the south-east.



After an analysis of the range of laparoscopic and surgical stapling instruments and devices used by one NHS Trust in the South East, we put together a proposal identifying ways in which savings could be made for the Head of Procurement.

Purple Surgical Laparoscopic, Operating Theatre and Surgical Stapling portfolios were introduced and a ‘price usage’ exercise concluded that by consolidating the supply of the laparoscopic and stapling devices used by the Trust, very significant cost savings could be made.


Clinical Product Evaluations

Consultants and theatre staff trialled the products and after initial feedback, approval for extensive clinical evaluations was given.

Our team attended every procedure to ensure that every surgeon was consulted and that PS products performed to the expected standard.


Challenges and Resolutions

  • Consultants were concerned with their current Hasson Balloon Obturator as the tip was felt to be too sharp. Replacing it with the PS Essential Hasson Trocar resolved this issue.
  • Our Bipolar Forceps were found to be particularly useful in gynaecological procedures for haemostasis when used in conjunction with their Lotus system.
  • PS stapling devices are supplied with reload units included whereas the hospital’s previous brand were not, resulting in additional cost savings.



Switching to the Purple Surgical Laparoscopic and Surgical Stapling instruments and devices has resulted in significant cost-savings for this Trust, and has reduced unwarranted product variations.

Following the success of these clinical trials we have built trust with the clinical procurement team to examine cost savings in other areas.

With the implementation of weekly reports, KOLs and providing continuous support, we have been able to secure a cost-saving of over £40,000 for this Trust.