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50% of the population by 50 years of age will suffer from haemorrhoids. 5% – 25% of these will require surgical intervention.


With a high rate of occurrence and the risks of complications during surgical procedures, it is imperative that high quality surgical devices are available to surgeons to ensure a positive outcome for the patient.

Surgical procedures involve the use of haemorrhoidal circular stapling devices to resect the excess swollen tissue.


The Ultimate Haemorrhoidal Circular Stapler from Purple Surgical allows the procedures to the performed successfully and without complications. The haemostasis was perfect so that only a few additional sutures were necessary. In particular, the transparent cartridge is very helpful for clear visualization. I am very satisfied with this stapling device from Purple Surgical”.

Dr. Wolfgang Ehni *

 * Dr. Wolfgang Ehni used the Ultimate Haemorrhoidal Circular Stapler for the first time in a haemorrhoidectomy procedure. Dr Ehni specialises in Proctology and is based in Stuttgart.


The Ultimate Haemorrhoidal Circular Stapler has a transparent cartridge specifically designed to ensure the surgeon has a clear, direct view of the tissue once inside the cartridge, resulting in even tissue distribution and the correct amount of tissue selected for removal.

The transparent cartridge also allows the surgeon to visualise the dentate line, which is an important landmark in the procedure.

The majority of haemorrhoidal circular stapling devices on the market have non-transparent cartridges, preventing direct visualisation of the tissue within the cartridge, making it hard to judge the placement and amount of tissue within.

Restricted visibility during the surgical procedure can lead to complications such as bleeding, which may occur when:

  • Too much tissue has been pulled into the cartridge
  • The tissue has not been evenly placed within the cartridge


The transparent cartridge of the Ultimate Haemorrhoidal Circular Stapler is an advantage that very few other haemorrhoidal stapling devices currently on the market have, and is the result of a robust product development process.

Our product development process is ensures that the highest quality products are produced, aiming to resolve the challenges that are faced by surgeons in a surgical procedure and taking into account the surgeons’ own design preferences wherever possible.


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