In the past 18 months Purple Surgical has been working with Facing Africa to donate single-use products from our Safe Sharps range for medics to use in life-saving surgeries for patients in Ethiopia.

Facing Africa is a charity dealing with corrective surgery for facial disfigurements and organises twice yearly surgical missions to Ethiopia.

Operating in extremely difficult conditions can be very challenging and it is critical that single-use surgical instruments and devices are available to surgeons who are out in the field. We are proud to be involved in an initiative that makes such a huge difference to the patients as well as the healthcare professionals performing these surgeries.

A new 2-part series follows twenty British volunteer medics who travel to Ethiopia and perform these life-saving facial surgeries. The surgeons tackle complex ground breaking reconstructive surgery on patients with little or no healthcare facilities.

In Episode 1, to be aired tonight on Channel 5, we meet twenty two year old Zinash Ali who comes from the north of Ethiopia. She has a tumour on her face that’s been growing for over six years. It will kill her if not treated immediately. When the surgeons arrive in the capital city Addis Ababa they rush to her bedside.

In an operation that lasts all day, things do not go to plan. Find out if the UK team can save Zinash.

Critical Surgery Changing Lives airs tonight on Channel 5 at 10pm and concludes on Thursday 22nd February.