Secure Catch Tissue Retrieval Pouches


The Purple Surgical Secure Catch Tissue Retrieval Pouches are designed for the quick, simple, secure capture and removal of resected tissue such as ovaries, gall bladder, fibroids, myomas, omentum, spleen, appendices and bowel.

Features and benefits include:

  • Super secure ‘rip-stop’ fabric construction maintains pouch integrity
  • Non-porous pouch minimises port site infection and carcinoma seeding
  • Radio-opque tethers for secure grasper fixation
  • Available in small, medium and large size options, with or without tail
ProductCodeDescriptionPouchVolumePack Qty
Secure CatchPS3402Without Tail70mm x 150mm90ml25 / Box
Secure CatchPS3403Without Tail120mm x 170mm420ml25 / Box
Secure CatchPS3406With Tail120mm x 170mm420ml25 / Box