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Ultimate Suction / Irrigation Shafts

The Purple Surgical Ultimate Suction/Irrigation Shafts are compatible with the Ultimate Suction/Irrigation System.

Features and benefits include:

  • Standard, atraumatic, bevelled tip 5mm shaft, with lateral distal aspiration holes
  • 10mm option for stone, tissue and larger blood clot aspiration
  • Available in 32cm reusable or single-use options
  • Available in 17cm & 44cm single-use options
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ProductCodeDescriptionPack Qty
Ultimate Suction / Irrigation ShaftPS3852ULT10mm, Standard Length (32cm) Shaft, Reusable1 / Each
Ultimate Suction / Irrigation ShaftPS3853ULT10mm, Standard Length (32cm) Shaft, Single-use10 / Box
Ultimate Suction / Irrigation ShaftPS3845ULT5mm, Extended Length (44cm) Shaft, Single-use10 / Box