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Non-Conductive Coil Tubing

The Purple Surgical Non-Conductive Coils are supplied in bulk packs with a bubble every metre. The tubing can be cut to provide a funnel or tapered connector as required. Coils are packed in a polyethylene bag within a dispenser box, with one end presented for easy extraction.

Features and benefits include:

  • Available in 5mm, 6mm or 7mm internal diameters
  • Supplied in 30 and 50 metre lengths
  • Adhere to current REACH guidelines
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ProductCodeDescriptionLength x DiameterPack Qty
Coil TubingPSST/30/5Non-sterile, Non-Conductive 30m x 5mm 1 / Each
Coil TubingPSST/30/6Non-sterile, Non-Conductive 30m x 6mm 1 / Each
Coil TubingPSST/30/7Non-sterile, Non-Conductive 30m x 7mm 1 / Each
Coil TubingPSST/50/5Non-sterile, Non-Conductive 50m x 5mm 1 / Each
Coil TubingPSST/50/6Non-sterile, Non-Conductive 50m x 6mm 1 / Each
Coil TubingPSST/50/7Non-sterile, Non-Conductive 50m x 7mm 1 / Each