Elite Trocar AutoShield | Purple Surgical

Elite Trocar AutoShield

Features an ultra-sharp, linear bi-lateral blade for simple, minimal force insertion into the abdominal cavity.

Features and benefits include:

  • A linear blade allows significantly reduced insertion force and reduced fascial defects.
  • Shielded mechanism.
  • Robust, flexible seal for leak-free operation throughout the procedure.
  • Clear cannula is available in threaded 5mm, 10mm and 12mm.
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ProductCodeDescriptionCannulaCarton Qty
Elite AutoShield TrocarPS1105Elite AutoShield Trocar 5mm x 100mmThreaded12 / Box
Elite AutoShield TrocarPS1100Elite AutoShield Trocar 10mm x 100mmThreaded10 / Box
Elite AutoShield TrocarPS1102Elite AutoShield Trocar 12mm x 100mmThreaded10 / Box
Elite AutoShield TrocarPS1125Elite AutoShield Trocar 5mm x 100mm + Extra CannulaThreaded10 / Box
Elite AutoShield TrocarPS1120Elite AutoShield Trocar 10mm x 100mm + Extra CannulaThreaded8 / Box
Elite AutoShield TrocarPS1122Elite AutoShield Trocar 12mm x 100mm + Extra CannulaThreaded18 / Box