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Elite Lock Polymer Ligating Clips & Appliers

  • Used for human body blood vessels and coelom organisation, ligation and closing during operation.
  • Safe polymer materials.
  • Good biological compatibility.
  • Does not affect X-ray, CT, MRI and other imaging studies.
  • Safety lock, arc, elasticity, and prevents slipping.
  • Rapid ligation in operation with safe and reliable results.
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CodeProductSizeLength of ClipScope of Closure DiameterCartridge / Box QTY
PS35900Polymer Ligating Clip, GreenML9.5mm3-10mm6 / 10
PS35901Polymer Ligating Clip, PurpleL13mm5-13mm6 / 10
PS35902Polymer Ligating Clip, GoldXL17mm7-16mm6 / 10
CodeProductPack QTY
PS3590 Reusable Polymer Clip Applier ML, Green, 5mm x 33cm1 / Each
PS3591 Reusable Polymer Clip Applier L, Purple, 10mm x 33cm1 / Each
PS3592Reusable Polymer Clip Applier XL, Gold, 10mm x 33cm1 / Each