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Elite Dilating Trocar

Separates rather than lacerates tissue. Reduces risk of post-operative incisional hernia, vascular injury and risk of trocar site bleeding.

  • Reduces fascial defect.
  • Minimises requirement for port site suturing.
  • Robust, flexible seal for leak-free operation throughout the procedure.
  • Clear cannula available in threaded 5mm, 10mm and 12mm.
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CodeProduct DescriptionCannulaPack QTY
PS1115Elite Dilating Trocar 5mm x 100mmThreaded12 / Box
PS1110Elite Dilating Trocar 10mm x 100mmThreaded10 / Box
PS1112Elite Dilating Trocar 12mm x 100mmThreaded10 / Box
PS1225Elite Dilating Trocar 5mm x 100mm + Extra CannulaThreaded10 / Box
PS1220Elite Dilating Trocar 10mm x 100mm + Extra CannulaThreaded8 / Box
PS1222Elite Dilating Trocar 12mm x 100mm + Extra CannulaThreaded8 / Box