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EcoTrocar AutoShield

The Purple Surgical EcoTrocar AutoShield trocar is reliable, highly cost effective and easy to insert with minimal force due to its sharp, linear bi-lateral blade.

Features and benefits include:

  • Low profile, ergonomic design for surgeon comfort and control
  • Effective ribbed retention ridges gives secure fixation and allows for simple insertion
  • Sharp, linear bi-lateral blade allows for smooth insertion with minimal trauma
  • Shielded mechanism with audible click on blade advancement for advanced safety
  • Bevelled cannula tip for minimised tissue trauma
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ProductCodeDescriptionCannulaPack Qty
EcoTrocar AutoShieldPS33355mm x 80mm TrocarThreaded10 / Box
EcoTrocar AutoShieldPS33365mm x 100mm TrocarThreaded10 / Box
EcoTrocar AutoShield KitPS33375mm x 80mm Trocar + Additional CannulaThreaded10 / Box
EcoTrocar AutoShield KitPS33385mm x 100mm Trocar + Additional CannulaThreaded10 / Box