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Bipolar Cutting Forceps

A unique device that allows the surgeon to dissect, grasp, coagulate and transect tissue with just one instrument.  Eliminates the need for inconvenient and time consuming instrument exchanges.  Utilises patented bipolar technology to ensure safe, effective and accurate tissue transection by means of a ‘blunt blade’.

  • Precise, blood free, tissue transection due to the unique, patented bipolar cutting technology
  • Wide jaw opening (8.5mm) allows effective large vessel (up to 6mm) coagulation and transection
  • Firm, controlled, atraumatic tissue manipulation is achieved by means of the strong jaw closing pressure
  • Fully insulated shaft provides safe current containment
  • Ideal surgeon control due to light-weight, ergonomic construction
  • Available in 5mm and 10mm options
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ProductProduct DescriptionCodePack Qty
Bipolar cutting forceps 5mm5mm diameter, 32cm shaft lengthPS35555 / Box
Bipolar cutting forceps 10mm10mm diameter, 32cm shaft lengthPS35575 / Box