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5mm Monopolar Electrodes

The Purple Surgical 5mm Monopolar Electrodes enable the precise, controlled coagulation and transection of vessels and tissue.

Features and benefits include:

  • Convenient, single-use instrument guarantees sterility and effective monopolar electrosurgical activation
  • Fully insulated 33cm shaft provides safe current containment
  • Lightweight, ergonomic handle
  • Available in Spatula, J Hook and L Hook options
  • Optional single patient use cable provides optimal flexibility and convenience
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ProductCodeDescriptionPack Qty
5mm Monopolar ElectrodePS38805mm Laparoscopic Electrode – J Hook5 / Box
5mm Monopolar ElectrodePS38815mm Laparoscopic Electrode – L Hook5 / Box
5mm Monopolar ElectrodePS38825mm Laparoscopic Electrode – Spatula5 / Box