Facing Africa has completed another mission in Ethiopia to carry out life-saving and life-changing facial reconstruction surgery.


This particular mission helped 30 people and is no less than a miracle for the patients that were treated.

Operating in difficult conditions without the healthcare facilities of the UK can be extremely challenging and it is critical that single-use surgical instruments and devices are available to surgeons who are out in the field.

We are proud to support Facing Africa in this incredibly important work that transform people’s lives.


Here in Ethiopia, a country where hope and kindness is so very hard to find for its poorest, witnessing 30 lives changing and seeing their amazing transformations is a miracle. Thank you for answering our endless enquiries, sending us everything we ask and being so accommodating, patient and helpful throughout our sometimes very difficult journey’s planning these missions. You are simply amazing.

Our medical staff are stunned by your generosity and kindness and without a doubt your support and generous donations is one of the main driving forces of all our missions”

Facing Africa Organisation