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The Purple Surgical Ultimate Haemorrhoidal Circular Stapler with Dual Safety & transparent cartridge places a circular staggered double row of titanium staples in the tissue and resects excess tissue to create a circular anastomosis.

The device is designed for use in the surgical treatment of haemorrhoidal disease. Available in two size options; 32/33mm and 33/34mm and supplied with 5 accessories including both a clear circular anal dilator and clear butterfly anal dilator.

Features and benefits include:

  • Dual safety lock out mechanism prevents misfiring
  • Fixed anvil to eliminate risk of detachment from the cartridge
  • Transparent cartridge for direct visualisation of tissue within the cartridge
  • Double staggered row of staples, for secure staple line formation
  • Incremental markings to clearly measure distance from the dentate line
  • Green firing indicator window
  • 4 suture threading ports for even selection of prolapsed mucosa

Supplied with the following 5 accessories:

  • Clear Circular Anal Dilator
  • Clear Butterfly Anal Dilator
  • Anal Dilator Obturator
  • Purse-String Suture Anoscope
  • Suture Threader

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The Ultimate Haemorrhoidal Circular Stapler with Dual Safety & Transparent Cartridge

Product Code Row Staples Knife Diameter Open Staple Height Closed Staple Height Pack Qty
Ultimate 32/33mm Haemorrhoidal Circular Stapler PS9HCS32/33 2 32 22mm 3.8mm 1.5mm 3 / Box
Ultimate 33/34mm Haemorrhoidal Circular Stapler PS9HCS33/34 2 34 24mm 3.8mm 1.5mm 3 / Box
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