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Our Environmental Policy

Purple Surgical are committed to improving our environmental performance throughout our entire organisation.

In fact, we believe that there are sound business reasons for considering the environment in our day-to-day activities, which can help deliver cost savings and efficiency improvements to our customers.

Our Environmental Policy

Within our Environmental Policy, it is our vision that:

  • We will be recognised by our customers for our work in improving environmental performance.
  • We will listen to our customers and work with them to develop environmental performance.
  • We will be a leading organisation, within our market sector, recognised as striving for excellence in our environmental performance, benchmarking against others and demonstrating continual improvement.
  • Our employees will be involved in improving our environmental performance. Awareness will be raised throughout our organisation and ideas elicited and listened to.

We will achieve this by…

  • Working towards a certified environmental management system.
  • Aiming to prevent pollution wherever possible.
  • Continuing to improve our environmental performance in the key areas of energy management, waste minimisation, transport, water use and in-house purchasing.
  • Working towards including key environmental objectives within our corporate and business plans.
  • Informing and educating all employees within the organisation about environmental issues, through appropriate training and information sharing.
  • Working with our suppliers to improve environmental performance.
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