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The Purple Surgical Essentials Optical Trocar range allows for the safe insertion under direct vision eliminating the need for blind entry access

Features and benefits include:

  • Ergonomic design for surgeon comfort and control
  • Clear cannula with threaded retention ridges for trocar stability
  • Fin style dilating tip promotes low insertion forces
  • Robust, flexible and durable seal
  • White locking button designed to hold laparoscope in position
  • 360° visualisation
  • Designed to separate, rather than lacerate, tissue
  • Minimises port site injury and facilitates rapid healing
  • Reduced fascial defect compared to bladed trocars
  • Minimises requirement for port site suturing
  • Reduces risk of post-operative incisional hernia
  • Reduces risk of vascular injury
  • Reduces risk of bladder injury
  • Reduces risk of trocar site bleeding

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Essentials Optical Trocars

Product Code Description Cannula Carton Qty
Essentials Optical Trocars PS5535 5mm x 70mm Trocar Threaded 1  x 20
Essentials Optical Trocars PS5525 5mm x 100mm Trocar Threaded 1 x 20
Essentials Optical Trocars PS5526 12mm x 100mm Trocar Threaded 1 x 16
Essentials Optical Trocars PS5537 5mm x 70mm Cannula Threaded 1 x 20
Essentials Optical Trocars PS5527 5mm x 100mm Cannula Threaded 1 x 20
Essentials Optical Trocars PS5528 12mm x 100mm Cannula Threaded 1 x 16
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